Every year Amplitude celebrate the studio’s anniversary with their players, and for this year, they are celebrating by revealing the Vaulters Expansion for Endless Space 2!

The new DLC re-introduces Vaulters, a civilization that has featured in all the Endless games.

A new civilization means a new way to play, as the Vaulters will have the ability to teleport and use the Argosy – their legacy super colonizer ship. They will also have their own heroes, technologies, buildings, a new starting special node, the Sisters of Mercy minor civilization that they brought with them from Auriga, and of course, a brand-new main quest.

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As well as a paid DLC, Amplitude is also including a free add-on, as a celebration of their players’ participation in the “Play to Win”-community challenge. The new add-on includes;

  • New planetary anomaly: the “High Energy Plasmaphere”
  • New galaxy type: the 6-branches spiral.
  • New event: handle a new immigration crisis. Do you have what it takes to save the Remnant refugees?
  • New ship modules: the powerful Swarm Missiles, Railguns and Energy Squadrons!
  • New hero: Burra Techseeker, an amphibian famed as an exotic ship module inventor.
  • Mezari fleet skin: a blast from the past! The ancestral Mezari fleet skin for the United Empire civilization!

The Vaulter Expansion launches worldwide on 25th of January.

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