Bethesda’s E3 press conference was filled with a lot of “comeback lines” in regards of the Fallout 76 launch and other minor flaws Bethesda has done over the past year. We even got a lot of “fucks” as well. Here’s a short summary of all the announcements from this year’s conference:

We got two new Wolfenstein games!

2019-06-10 (105)

Lots of new trailers and info about Doom Eternal


Rage 2 gets more content

2019-06-10 (94)

New streaming service system from Bethesda

2019-06-10 (121)

We can’t have a Bethesda conference without mobile game titles.


A new game announcement as well

2019-06-10 (53)

Fallout 76 is getting a battle royale mode

2019-06-10 (35)

And we can’t forget about The Elder Scrolls Online


More news from our E3 coverage right here.

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