GFN League S1 – Round 1 Results

Not a single tournament, event, etc is perfect from the very beginning and our GFN League is no exception. With a few hiccups with time & date with matches, a few technical issues with the live stream and some personal errors from our casters things went surprisingly good for day one. Here are the results after round one in both 2v2 Gunfight and 3v3 Search and Destroy.

3v3 SnD

  • Ulvespill Esport 2 vs – (Walkover 1-0)
  • Toy Story 5 0-2 No Name
  • SeNs 2-0 Ulvespill SnD
  • Inner Circle 1-2 Leave as Group Rød


2v2 Gunfight

  • LooX_Clan 2-0 MAGI
  • Geeks eSports 2-0 Hendermennder (Walkover)
  • shushi! 2-0 Dicknitas Clan (Walkover)
  • Inner Circle 2-0 Leave as Group Blå
  • Leave as Group Rød 2-0 Ulvespill Esport
  • No Name 2-0 No Name (Walkover)
  • Ulvespill Esport 2 0-2 Ulvespill Esport 3
  • 0-0 Blurry Vision (No show)
  • Ulvespill Esport 4 2-0 Maniax Gaming COD MW C
  • Mink 0-2 Maniax Gaming COD MW D (Walkover)
  • Maniax Gaming COD MW A 2-1 Superior Old Men


Replay from stream

(technical issues on the stream below)



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