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80 Days is now on Switch

  • 2nd of October 1872 – Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepartout set out to win a bet; £20,000 if they can travel around the world in 80 Days
  • 1st of October 2019 – Fogg and Passepartout sets out to travel again, this time on the Nintendo Switch.

80 Days has arrived for the Switch, with a redesigned UI for playing in both handheld and docked mode. Allowing for controlling the game with both the Joy-Cons and touch screen.

“Penned by celebrated narrative designer Meg Jayanth and developed by inkle, the studio behind this year’s acclaimed Heaven’s Vault, 80 Days is Jules Verne with a steampunk twist. Part old-school text adventure, part strategic board game, and part RPG, 80 Days is a huge and adaptive interactive story that writes itself around the thousands of choices you make during your journey.

You are Passepartout, and your employer’s success rests on you. (No pressure!) What route will you take: across Europe, down the coast of Africa, over the North Pole, around the equator? And how will you travel: by Orient Express, steamer, hot-air balloon, camel, submarine? With nearly 200 distinct cities brimming with side quests, subplots, and diverse characters, each 80 Days playthrough is unique and unexpected. But don’t delay, because the clock is always ticking in this real-time race. How fast can you get back to London?”

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Source: Emily Morganti, PR consultant on behalf of inkle

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