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A nostalgic wargame returns

Commandos 2 makes a return as an HD enhanced edition after approx 20 years since its release. This HD remaster will include 3x times more polygons which means it will grant more textures to the game. As well as more polygons, it will also include enhanced controls, graphics, modernized user interface, and overhauled tutorial.

Commandos 2 is basically a point & click real-time strategy game, with stealth elements. You can take control over nine different characters, steal enemy uniforms, weapons, throw out lures such as cigarettes, traps, etc..

One thing is for sure, the developers are making no changes between this version and the original one, it is true to its origin.

For the first time, Commandos 2 will be available for the consoles. Just have in mind that it will not feature any 4K enhancements, but it will still run in 60fps.

Commandos 2 HD has an initial release date within the end of this year and will launch for the PC, Mac, Linux PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iPad and Android tablets 

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