Air e-Sport has a new “suit”

Last year we wrote that Air e-Sport expanded their team with Ivar “iWaR2”  Myklebust, and the future of Air e-Sport looked pretty sharp. But sadly, right after New Year’s Eve, Air e-Sport decided to close down.


“We at Air E-sport would like to thank everyone for the support in 2018. We all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! With these greetings, there is also an announcement. Air E-sports are closed down. It has been a pleasure and a joy of doing this for two years and an incredibly big thank you to everyone who has followed us. We would also like to thank all the clubs and organizers we have become familiar with. Thank you so much for everything. “– Air e-Sport

But fear not!
The team behind Air e-Sport aren’t completely gone, with an all-new collaboration with a new team has arrived, Team Ursus. We can all hope that this decision will make a great impact on our local e-sport team.

The goal of TU is to become the best e-sport club in Norway by 2019 and to get a foot in the international e-sport environment. Today, TU consists of a group of motivated people who have experience in the various fields of e-sports and daily operations of a sports club. – Team Ursus

For now, Team Ursus have six different e-Sport teams within; 
– Hearthstone
– Rocket League
– League of Legends
– PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
– Fortnite
– Counter-Strike Global Offensive

We at Ulvespill will, of course, keep you updated on Team Ursus’ progression throughout 2019.
You can follow the team on these social media platforms and other partners:
Team Ursus Facebook page
Team Ursus website 
Brettspillshop Facebook page 
Brettspillshop website

Source: Air e-Sport / Team Ursus Facebook pages


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