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Ancestors Legacy – Release Date & Beta

Publisher 1C Company and developer Destructive Creations announced today the release date for their upcoming real time strategy game (RTS) Ancestors Legacy.
The release is set to 22, May 2018 for both PC and Xbox One. But fear not, you can already from today download and play the open beta on PC.

Play the Open Multiplayer PC Beta now:


  • 4 playable nations in an extensive single player campaign inspired by historical events
  • Various modes of intense multiplayer battles
  • Advanced tactical options combining the use of terrain, experience and morale
  • Cinematic battle camera view puts you right in the center of the action
  • Outstanding visual fidelity powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Streamlined resource management and village construction

We wanted to picture something intimate, personal. Prayers were very popular in medieval times, especially for the nations presented in Ancestors Legacy. Those were warriors who lived to conquer, so whether they were Christians or pagans, they all needed deities to pray to when the battle was upon them. And that’s what we aimed for – not a prayer from an old prayer-book, but rather words that people use when they try to “talk” to their higher powers. When they get personal with whatever it is they believe in.

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Source: 1C Company Press Release


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