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Ashly Burch and Hannah Telle returns as voice actresses

The Life is Strange team just announced that Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch will reprise their roles as Max Caulfield and Chloe Price in the bonus episode, Farewell, of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

“Rhianna DeVries has done a fantastic job for the voice and motion capture of 16 year old Chloe so far, bringing a little bit of herself to the role, just as Ashly had in the previous game. We are forever thankful to Rhianna for the work she has put into Before the Storm and she will continue to work with us for the motion capture of young Chloe in Farewell.” – Life is Strange Team

According to the statement, the episode will be releasing in early 2018. The team could not tell more about the episode, as they are focusing on the final stages of polish for episode three, the finale of Chloe and Rachel’s story in Before the Storm.

Be sure to check out our review of Life is Strange: Before the Storm episode 2 here.

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