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Battle Brothers Extension; Putting the “Hype” in Overhype!


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Overhype Studios has been working hard on an extensive extension to their turn-based strategy RPG Battle Brothers, and they are now ready to introduce the DLC Beasts & Exploration to the world.

This extension has been in closed beta testing since late October. A small, dedicated team of experienced players were chosen to thoroughly go through what both Battle Brothers and Beasts & Exploration has to offer, many of them having had over 1000 hours of play time. Co-founder and Overhype Managing Director Jan Taaks has the following to say about the process:

With this closed beta, we were able to thoroughly test Beasts & Exploration. First and foremost, we wanted to find bugs and mistakes, as well as optimize balancing of the new enemies and mechanics. At the same time, we were also able to update and polish the basic game,” – Taaks

Here are just some of the things the € 9.99 DLC has to offer:

  • Legendary Locations containing lore, challenges and rewards for those daring enough to seek them out.
  • New Opponents who propose unique challenges.
  • A new Crafting system for equipment and adventuring gear.
  • Customization of your armor, as well as the option to paint your shields and helmets.
  • And, of course, New Gear, Events, Music and Achievements!

According to the Hamburg-based Overhype Studios themselves, Beasts & Exploration is already available to find on Steam and will be released the 29th of November.

Source: VISIBILITY Communications Press Email

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