Battlefield V: Chapter 6 is coming soon

The struggles between the American forces and the Imperial Japanese Army continue. Launching on the 6th of February, Chapter 6: Into the Jungle allows you to experience another side to the Pacific Theater.

Deploy on a New Close-Quarter Map

On Solomon Islands, you’ll fight through a jungle environment where you never know what’s lurking around the Riverbend, by the dark mangroves, or in the hidden bunkers.

Wield New Weapons and Gadgets

Through your fights in Chapter 6, you can unlock new weapons and gadgets to spice up your arsenal. These are all Chapter Rewards, meaning they’ll be rewarded when you earn Chapter XP and reach the required Chapter Ranks.

  • For Support:

Type 11 LMG
Model 37 Shotgun
Lunge Mine Gadget

  • For Assault:

M2 Carbine
Lunge Mine Gadget

  • For Gadget:

M1A1 Bazooka

Deploy as three new Elites

  • Misaki Yamashiro
  • Steve Fisher
  • Akira Samamoto

Source: “PR-Operatørene” / EA



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