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Battlefield V – Live Reveal


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Battlefield V was revealed in full, with a new trailer and commentary from Dice. Explaining the new modes and what to expect when launching.

Here is a summary of what they talked about.

  • War Stories will be returning once again, with new characters to get to know. We will be playing in different scenarios during the WWII.
  • Grand Operations – Operations will also return, but bigger and boulder then before.  
  • Combined Arms – Battlefield re-introduces co-op play!

There will be no Premium Pass, Season Pass of any sort or micro-transaction that will affect gameplay. DICE says they’ll show off the multiplayer on 9th of June, during EA’s E3 press conference at EA Play in Los Angeles.

In addition, the Norwegian restistance force will be a part of the game, to huge excitement for us Norwegians!

Battlefield V will be out 19th of October for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

Source: Battlefield Live Reveal

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