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Black Clover Quartet Knights gets new characters

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe introduces the two new characters Karna and Vanessa for Black Clover Quartet Knights. Furthermore, a brand-new storyline is revealed.

Karna is a very mysterious magician, which uses terrifying magical powers. She has fought against Asta and raid the Clover Kingdom. Based on her shape of magic and her Grimoire, an ancient magic book that she carries with her, her attribute seems to be related to the moon. Another new character in Black Clover Quartet Knights is a witch called Vanessa, who was raised in a witch’s forest. She helps her fellows with her brilliant magic and is a menacing character during fights. Vanessa takes on the support role by increasing the power of her teammates and beating down her enemies with a whip.

The new storyline contains a mission for Asta, Noelle and Yami in which they visit a dungeon. While exploring it, Yami suddenly disappears. Later, Asta and Noelle find Yami, but they soon realize that he has changed: He has become younger again and therefore can’t remember much. The only thing Yami can remember is that he is looking for someone. But who?

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

Black Clover Quartet Knights will be available in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and PC.


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