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Creator of Leisure Suit Larry coming to Retrospillmessen 2018

Have you ever wondered what person would make something like this?

Now you have the chance to meet the creator of the  Leisure Suit Larry series Al Lowe. He will be attending Retrospillmessen 2018 in Sandefjord at the Runarhallen 11-12, May.

Retrospillmessen is a big gathering for those that love retro games and for those that want to expand their collection. there will be stands with everything you can think of from your childhood. if you maybe want to start collecting on those old games this is the chance to get games and consoles to add to your collection.

Al Lowe will be attending with Lefdal in their stand.

So if you have an copy of one of his creations take it with you and you might get a chance to get it signed.


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