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Deadly Premonition Developer SWERY Launches Kickstarter for New Game

Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro is perhaps best known for the 2010 cult hit Deadly Premonition. This open world survival horror game set in a fictional American town released with extremely polarized reviews, ranging from IGN’s 20 to Destructoid’s perfect 100 on Metacritic. Now the somewhat eccentric writer is back with a new studio and the Kickstarter for The Good Life.

The Good Life claims to be a “debt repayment daily life action adventure rpg” for PC and PS4 about the New York journalist Naomi who moves to an English town in order to pay off debts. As Naomi, the player will take on various jobs and take pictures of the town in order to earn money. The money will then be used to pay off her debts, and also for high fashion, new cameras and beer – or an antique furniture collection, if the Kickstarter promises are to be believed.


Of course, there is also a mystery. Several mysteries, it seems. Not only is there a murder to solve, but also everyone in town turns into cats and dogs every full moon. You know, just a regular, backwater English town.


White Owls Inc. are asking for about 70 million Yen or about 640K USD to make The Good Life with a planned delivery in November of 2019. Oh, and did I mention the narration will be done by the Japanese voice of Sesame Street’s Big Bird?

(Images from The Good Life’s Kickstarter campaign)


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