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Fallout 76 update and battle royale!

Written by: Sunniva Stalsberg

Last year Bethesda gave us the exciting news of a new Fallout game, but not only that, this game was going to groundbreakingly introduce it as a multiplayer online game. Here you could meet up with your friends and enjoy the post-apocalyptic wastelands together. Well, after a rocky start the developers and staff of Bethesda worked a lot to improve it, telling us now that the community of this game is everything to them. They were thrilled to announce a new update called ‘wastelander’, this will add human NPCs, full quest line and full dialog entries. Will you claim the wasteland or will the wasteland claim you?
They will make a free trial for everyone 10-17th of June.

But they did not stop there, showing a new trailer for a new battle royale mode named Nuclear Winter. Here you are not only hunted by fellow players, but also encounter the beasts that roam the wastelands, and of course, there had to be nukes! This will, of course, be a free addtion to the game.

There will also be a sneak peek frpm the 10th of June for those who can’t wait 😉

launching fall 2019.

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