Monday, January 17, 2022
HjemNyhetsartikkelFinal Fantasy IX is out now for PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy IX is out now for PlayStation 4

Square Enix attended Sony’s Tokyo Game Show-conference tuesday, with a trailer for PS4 version of Final Fantasy IX. The game was launched shortly after, and is already for sale on the PlayStation Store.

It seems like this version is based on the Windows, Android and iOs-version which were released last year. Among other improvements you could use “booster”-programs, which allow you to turn off all battles, give yourself more levels or just turn up the game’s speed. That was probably a great addition for those who didn’t have time for a 100 hours playthrough.

FFIX was the last in the series on the PSOne, as with many of the other Final Fantasy games, the game relies heavily on turn-based fights. With a massive melodramatic story to capture the player’s interest.



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