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Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels

Name: Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels
Developer: Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios
Released: 09. May 2017
Platforms: Xbox One and PC
Reviewed on: Xbox One


How do you make one of the best Open-World racing games better? How about fusing together Forza Horizon with Hot Wheels cars and tracks. Because this is what the expansion offers you, graphics, gameplay and car physics from Forza with cars and tracks from the Hot Wheels brand.  


Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels adds ten new cars to the game, including some of the toy brands more famous models like Twin Mill, Boneshaker and Rip Rod. It also has a brand-new campaign set in Australia, where players can complete events and work their way towards the ultimate stunt-driving test: the massive new Hot Wheels Goliath circuit. For creative types, there’s an editing feature called Stunt Swap that lets you modify track sections. And, of course, the Hot Wheels tracks are available in online multiplayer, along with a brand-new Playground Arena.



And I must say, it was a real blast playing through the expansion. I love the Forza series, how the cars handle and the options to customize. And then to drive my favorite cars on “plastic tracks” in Trackmania fashion at over 400 Km/t it’s just awesome. It won’t take you a long time to unlock all the races, but to complete them all and get all stars may be more of a challenge. Because that is how you progress, one star you just have to complete the race, two stars complete and finish 1st, three stars complete and finish 1st then perform a task. The tasks can be to perform an action or finish the race in a certain time. And then there’s Drift challenges, Stunt challenges and Speed challenges.


All this expands Horizon 3 and makes it a diverse experience. And I wouldn’t minded if it had been released as a stand-alone game. This is what I call a good and expanding DLC, it adds something new and fresh but also feels familiar. I recommend this for every fan of action packed, fast paced racing.


  • +New cars
  • +Fun and fresh tracks
  • +Expands the game
  • -You wish it was more when done

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