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Game Developer’s Conference Release State of Industry Survey

The Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) has released its 6th annual survey of game developers to gauge the state of the industry. Ahead of the 2018 conference in March, the report reveals some interesting developments, while other things stay the same.

Perhaps most damning is the demographic make-up of the industry. 80% of respondents identify as male, which is actually an increase of two percentage points from last year’s survey. Additionally, 85% of respondents live in Europe or North America, with another 2% living in Australia or New Zealand. Although the language of the survey (English) and the North American basis of the GDC crew probably contribute to this selection, it is safe to say the games industry is still largely male and western, with little to no change over recent years.

In terms of games platforms, PC is still the one to watch. 60% of developers are currently working on a title for PC, while only 36% are working on mobile games (the second highest). This is followed by PS4, XBox One, Mac, VR and the Nintendo Switch.
However, when asked which platform they were currently the most interested in the list is PC, PS4, Switch, VR, mobile, Xbox One. We see that the Switch is rated as much more interesting than its numbers would otherwise suggest – 36% of developers think it’s the most interesting platform, but only 15% think their next game will release on it – and the Xbox One has the opposite experience.

Other interesting facts:

  1. Only 17% of developers work with a publisher for PR (33% have their own PR department)
  2. The most popular team sizes are “over 500” and “myself only”
  3. 34% of developers rely on their personal funds (up from 29% last year)
  4. 11% are working on a game that includes loot boxes, but 22% include “paid in-game items”
  5. Most developers (92%) think social media is the most efficient marketing platform
  6. 91% believe E-Sports is a sustainable business

Get the complete report here (it requires and email address, but is otherwise free)

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