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Games For Change Announces 15th Annual G4C Festival

Since 2004 Games for Change (G4C) has worked to “empower game creators (…) to drive real world impact through games,” and every year they celebrate the Games for Change festival for the same reasons.

On Tuesday G4C announced via Twitter the 15th such festival, set to happen on the 28-30th of June 2018. At the same time they have opened submissions for talks, demos and awards to the public. (So if you happen to be working on a game and/or engaged in socially impact-full games, you know what to do. The deadline is the 7th of February).

The G4C festival has 4 major topics:

  1. Neurogaming and Health – focusing on how games can help with health and learning, both mental and physical.
  2. Civic and Social Issues – about games that engage with contemporary issues. Human development, environmental issues, social equality and more.
  3. Games for Learning – all about research and work into the use of games in schools and education.
  4. VR for Change – a new topic from last year, all about virtual reality and how it changes what games can do to the world.

While it’s not as prestigious (or well-funded) as the Game Awards, there is also a G4C award show with prices like Most Innovative Game and Best Learning Game.

Header image from G4C’s Flickr

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