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Gamescom2017 – Gran Turismo Sport – Hands On

First day of Gamescom 2017 is over with a lot of games seen and played. Sony didn’t have any conference this year, but many of their games are available to play this week. One of those games that we have had a chance to test is Gran Turismo Sports. With a setup of wheel and pedals it was just to jump in and play. It was five tracks available, one of which was a rally track. Over 30 cars was available for me to choose, everything from old classics to the newest in the motorsport world. I wanted to test with a RWD car and ended up with a BMW M4 with approximately 425 bhp. Not the fastest one available, but powerful enough to maybe burn some rubber on Nürburgring. Turned off all assist and I was ready to drive. And Polyphony once more show why they have been the king of racing games for a decade. The cars feels great when driving on tarmac, and you feel the weight of the car in every corner. If you push it too hard you will lose control and have to fight with the car not to spin out. Driving too fast into a corner will make the car understeer. This is the kinda things you have to think about when driving simulator style (no assist). If you want to just enjoy racing there’s many options to make it more enjoyable for the casual gamer. First impression is that Gran Turismo Sport will be a great racing game for us that loves cars.

Gran TurismoSport will be available 3rd October on PlayStation 4  

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