GC18 – State of Decay 2: Daybreak Pack

Microsoft and Undead Labs showcased their upcoming DLC for their undead survival exclusive State of Decay 2 at Gamescom this year. Daybreak Pack as it is being named, will feature new content that includes an all-new siege defense game mode with new missions, rewards and plenty of co-op action.

Players have to defend hordes of enemies trying to attack your base, and you also have to defend your AI’s from very aggressive waves of enemies. Your current community exists separately from this mode, so you won’t risk your in-game progress by playing.

Each match will take approx 45 minutes, first round starts off with 2 minutes round and then a few minutes between rounds to prepare yourself. Repairing walls, filling up ammo, collecting crates that have been dropped. If you played the horde mode on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier you’ll know exactly what this is. You can, of course, play this both online and offline, each reward you earn here can be brought back to the main game. Nine new melee & ranged weapons will be added to this pack, as well as six new consumables. There won’t be featured a split screen option, sadly.

State of Decay 2: Daybreak Pack will be available 12th of September 2018.



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