GTFO releases a ‘behind the scenes’ documentary

A new 4-player first person shooter co-op game by the developers of Payday and Payday 2 revealed GTFO last year. From then, we only had the pleasure of seeing some teasers besides their gameplay demo showcased during the ‘Game Awards’ and a handful of first impressions from E3 and Gamescom. But now they finally have released a full documentary from behind the scenes of GTFO.

“You’re almost always running out of ammunition. You’re almost always running out of health. If you want to survive you have to use all your tools and instincts to detect a combat situation before it happens, prepare for it, and control the action.” – Simon Viklund, member of 10 Chambers Collective

More details of GTFO’s story mode and much more are being revealed in this documentary, but be prepared! This game is intended for those who love a challenge, as the gameplay demands cooperation on a hardcore level!

GTFO will be available through Steam this spring (2019)

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Source: Evolve PR



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