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Halloween possesses World of Tanks

This Halloween strange things are invading the World of Tanks battlefields on PC and consoles. From the 27th of October the ghoulish tank Leviathan from the underworld is trying to besiege the world of the living in the PC version. While on consoles monsters mash as tanks as they arise from the grave.

Leviathan, ruler of the afterlife, has grown tired of its underworld dwelling and now seeks to conquer the world above, all in an attempt to expand its evil empire. Standing in the way are two multi-turreted event tanks: long-range sniper Franken and thick-skinned Stein. Players will find both of these tanks in their garage from 27th October, at 05:00 UTC.

In the console version, the much-loved Monster Tank lineup from previous events will be resurrected from 27th October, through 1st November. This includes two new additions: the Höllenlund leKpz M 41 90 mm and Dragon Type 62.


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