Hearthstone “End Season” 2019 Results

One of our international players managed to qualify for Master Qualifier Vegas, and we managed to find enough money to send him to Vegas. Hokage met a lot of tough competition and ended at place 225 out of 300. Hokage, as well as other members on our team, managed to qualify for the Master Qualifier in Seoul as well, but sadly we didn’t have enough money to send our players.

‘Telialiagen’ (Telia League)

Our Hearthstone team encountered much tougher opponents this season during the 3v3 Team League. We finished in 5th place by the result of one missed match we lost on walkover and surprises from the other teams.

HS TL2019S2 End season

During the 1v1 Telialigaen, our very own Sab3r managed to go to the finals but lost a very close match in the first round with only 3-2.



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