Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Heat Signature Gets “Fair Points” Update

Two months after its release on the 21st of September, Heat Signature is getting the “fair points” update. The update is set to fix what the developer sees as fair points made in reviews of the game.

Heat Signature is a game about breaking into spaceships to steal things, murder targets, kidnap guards or rescue prisoners to liberate space stations created and published by Suspicious Developments (The studio behind Gunpoint).

The Fair Points Update promises to fix minor issues that have been mentioned in reviews of the game since launch. For example it adds acid traps to deal with the previously imposing armored guards and a cheat code option for players who did not enjoy the permanent death mechanic. The update also adds a new weapon that fires acidic currency to turn enemies into bleached skeletons, but I don’t think the lack of this weapon was a common complaint.

Before my last point – a disclaimer: I really, really like Heat Signature. It’s the perfect mix of meaningful narrative choices, emergent stories from simple systems and things going horribly wrong on space ships to scratch every itch I have. Your mileage with the game may vary, depending on your love for these characteristics. That said, the game is on sale and now is a great time to get it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to find the fleshstripper.


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