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Heat Signature’s Valentines Update Adds New Weapons, Excellent Poetry

I am a noted fan of Tom Francis’ frantic spaceship infiltration game Heat SignatureI think it is a perfect mix of humor, tactics, and space and its valentines update is no different.

To celebrate “Space Valentines” two new items will be made available for the next two weeks: Cherry’s Fatal Attraction and Tesh’s Instant Connection. Both are terrific weapons that are potentially incredibly powerful, allowing your character to teleport while instantly killing or knocking out enemies.

The announcement came on Tuesday the 13th in a post on the steam community along with some witty commentary and fantastic poetry.

Stabbed through the heart
And you’re to blame
You give teleporting swords into people
A bad name

Additionally, the post details some new difficulty options and invites the community to vote on which new ideas they want implemented.

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