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Hokage enters the big league within Ulvespill Esport!

Last week we announced that Ulvespill expanded into the Esport community with Ulvespill Esport. It didn’t take long before our beloved Hearthstone player Hokage from Ukraine really impressed us. ‘Hearthstone Masters Qualifier Las Vegas – 79’ is the tournament you need to win to get access to the ‘Hearthstone Masters Tour Las Vegas’ with a huge prize pool of 250.000 dollars! And boy did Hokage surprise us of winning every single match 2-0 against Elsa, Duelist, and js5!

Ulvespill Esport begins the journey with an explosive start, and will, of course, follow Hokage in the Las Vegas tournament!

As a tradition, we had to have a small talk with Hokage after his big win.


What kind of deck did you use to win the qualification rounds?
I usually play with the best decks from tier-1. For a long time, I was trying to counter Hunters, but after a few losses to those, I switched to the dark side of the power and started only playing Midrange Hunter.

What is your favorite deck? (in case it ain’t the same he won with)
I don’t think I have a favorite. I just play with the best tier-1 decks.

What was your first thought when you qualified?
First one was “Dobby is free now”. And the second one was, I can finally sleep as much as I want now! ResidentSleeper

Any pre-rituals before the Vegas tournament?
I guess I don’t have any? Just doing a lot of practice with my friends and teammates.

Favorite breakfast?
Bacon and eggs

Favorite movie?
Mulan, Coco. I love Disney
Spirited Away, Kimi no Na
wa. And anime.

Favorite song?
EXO – Tempo
Paul Stanley – Live to Win

More information about the ‘Hearthstone Masters Tour Las Vegas’ can be found here.

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