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lørdag, desember 10, 2022

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Trophy list has been announced

Not long ago Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s Trophy-list was announced. Although very similar to the original Life is Strange, with completing episodes and spraying graffiti, the final trophy, however, probably raises quite a few eyebrows.

In order to get all trophies you’ll need to complete the Farewell episode, however to get this episode you need to buy the Deluxe edition, which of course is more expensive than the standard edition. This means that for those of you (read: us) who wants all trophies in all games, you’ll have to pay extra for that to be possible.

Update: Deck Nine will/has removed the trophy in the DLC-episode, now making it possible for everyone to get them all.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 31st of August.


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