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Neko Atsume Comes to PS4 VR Next Month

Header image from Playstation Japan

Neko Atsumethe cat collecting mobile game developed by Hit-Point, is releasing on PlayStation VR next month.

The original mobile game quickly became a smash hit in 2014, despite (or perhaps because of) its simplistic gameplay. The “wait and watch” cat collector gives you the ability to oversee a beautiful back garden and the occasional cats who wander into it. By opening the app once in a while the player would spot and collect pictures of all the different cats.

The VR version will launch on the 31st of May in Japan for 1,944 Yen (about 15 Euros) and includes the same core gameplay, now with the addition of petting 3D cats.

The English version of the mobile game took a year to release, but lets hope we can get our hands on some cats in VR before 2019.

Source: Gematsu via Playstation Japan

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