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Netflix Publishes Stranger Things Mobile Game

Header image from official trailer

Before the release of the second season of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things, the streaming service has published a mobile game set in the Stranger Things universe. Stranger Things: The Game is free and available on both Android and iOS systems.

The game is developed by BonusXP, a mobile indie studio from Texas, and features retro-style pixel art and character-based puzzle solving. The official store page reads “The game is an action adventure game true to the games our heroes would have played back in the day” and hints at possible secret content if the player can find every collectible.

The trailer, complete with an 8-bit take on the show’s main theme, sick BMX-tricks and appearances from most of the main characters is embedded below.

According to IGN there will be a mysterious update on the 27th of October, coinciding with the release of season 2.

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