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Nightmare Boy is launching on 25th of October

The Vanir Project is coming out with their first video game, Nightmare Boy, which will arrive on the 25th of October, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In Nightmare Boy you play as Billy who has been turned into the mysterious Rolok. You’ll need to fight to wake up from your worst nightmare, a world made up by all of Billy’s fears, as well as ten other kids’ worst fears, as they are also trapped in this nightmarish world.

Through the game you’ll need to fight off monsters, recover Billy’s original appearance, and save all the other kids. Each of them will give you new powers to keep fighting, and help you unlock all the different endings of the game.

Main Features:

– Classic mechanics and playability that joins roaming, adventure and platforms.
– Upgradeable character after defeating each final boss: double and triple jump, different magic attacks…
– Graphic engine that mixes pixel art and cartoon characters, hand drawn, giving the game a 90’s arcade feeling.
– Saving system based on collected jewels in the game. The more you save, the more expensive it gets.  
– Dark atmosphere, shady storyline; can you discover what lies beneath?

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

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