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Overpass – Review

So what have we here? A racing game where the key to success isn’t speed, well speed is kinda important but it has to be used in the right way. From the looks of it, it looks like a hybrid of Spintires Mudrunner and Trials. 

Name: Overpass
Developer: Zordix Racing
Publisher: BigBen Studios
Released: 27.02.2020
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
Reviewed on: PS4
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided by a publisher for review purpose


Patience is the key, it seems to be the new thing in video games these days. Actions games have moved from Hack N Slash to games more like Dark Souls where timing and precision are the tools to succeed. So it might not come as a surprise that at times the vehicle-based games would delve into slower gameplays. We have seen it in games like forth mentioned Spintires and Trials. Speed isn’t the how to win, but rather precision and timing. Overpass brings you environments that will test both the vehicle’s capabilities as well as yours. Rocks, three stubs and steep mountains as well as human-made obstacles. Where your goal is to reach the finish line as fast as possible, put the pedal to the metal will only result in gruesome crashes and broken backs.

Buggy and ATV’s is your tools for use, two options with different pros and cons. While the buggies are sturdy and powerful they come with a fair bit of weight and prone to roll if tilted too much in any direction. They have immensely with power and switch between AWD and RWD on the fly which changes the behavior and reaction of it. While the ATV’s are more agile and are smaller obviously, and the driver uses his weight to transfer through corners and up hills. But a downside is when tilted too much often results in the driver falling off, and have to start over.


The Good/The Bad 

Overpass might seem sparse at first glance, with a free play mode and career mode. But there is a lot to find if the tutorial hasn’t scared you away yet. Career mode is huge with a ton of “races” and challenges to overcome. With many vehicles to choose from in the two categories of course with different specs and setups. With also the possibility to customize further to your liking. 


That sums up pretty much the basics that people want to know if it seems interesting. But when talking about the actual gameplay we have to go in the more hybrid route a kinda good/bad hybrid where some things might be good for some but also might seem bad for newcomers. Myself is definitely in newcomer territory, while I love games like Trials and have a love-hate relationship with hard games like the Souls series. When it comes to racing I love to play those that put me in cars I definitely never will afford in real life, and drive in such a speed that is a one-way ticket to jail. Or be responsible and drive on tracks from all around the world, really feel the power and maybe get a fraction of adrenaline from real life. Or drive on rally courses in insane speed with a lot of precision to even survive. Before this gets too sidetracked Overpass is hard, it’s borderline brutal. Tracks themselves are a test of patience and mix that with a system that really punishes you for your mistakes it will test you of how much you possibly can put out. It’s realistic with reality by no means, but that doesn’t automatically mean it is enjoyable. Hit a cone or a banner and that serves you with time penalties before you have even blinked. Wrong use of acceleration or weight distribution will make you crash or tilt before you even have understood what fate lays ahead. Every track becomes more a puzzle where you have to figure out how on earth you will survive this hell.

If this sounds too negative and hasn’t scared you away yet I can start to talk about the positive stuff outside the gameplay. Controls are tight and precise with realistic physics to the environments and vehicles. So there is a lot of fun to find there, and it looks pretty good with great looking environments. So it is a good looking game on console, but it struggles with small amounts of stutters and texture pop-in. Audio isn’t the best but far from worst, it simply lacks a bit of punch. It is obviously difficult to make vehicles that sound like a lawnmower, to pack a punch but it sounds kinda flat. 



Overpass is a hard sale for the everyday gamer, with its difficulty and hardcore gameplay is much more suited for those fans of the genre. It is unique and fresh, but also difficult to recommend for everyone. If you want to play something that slowly angers you and test you as a racer go for it, but if trying to find something calm and soothing this isn’t it. 

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  • Good looking environments
  • Great physics and tight controls
  • Good career mode
  • Vehicles and customization


  • Difficult
  • Unforgiving gameplay
  • Lackluster Audio

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