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Playing this with family may be “Awkward”

Do you wish to reveal intimate details of your life and thoughts with your friends and family? No? Then don’t play this game. This does seem like a very intriguing game though!

“Playable by between one and six participants, cooperatively or competitively, Awkward’s fiendish questioning will test relationships and disclose secrets that participants never intended to reveal. The game features over 5,000 questions, written by Danny Gallagher (Quiplash, Fibbage 2) and Joanna Haslam (Buzz!, It’s Quiz Time).”

You will probably find out more than you wanted to know about the people playing this with, the downside being that you have to reveal more than you might be comfortable with.

This game is now available on PC (Steam), Xbox One and Playstation 4 today!

Axel Aubert
Axel Aubert
Spillnerd, Techentusiast & Sosial sommerfugl. Tilbake i Ulvespill, etter en liten pause, for å spre tanker, inntrykk og meninger. Spill har vært et stort interesse siden 6 års alder og har ikke forsvunnet med årene.

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