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Pride is taking over your screen!

Written by: Lars Erik Ødegaard

Pride have been gaining momentum throughout the world in the last couple of years. This year on Gamescom I visited Green Man Production and their game Pride Run. With Pride Run, they want to spread the love to everyone. Pride Run is a Rhythm Action game with two simple goals. First, they want as many people as possible to join the parade, secondly, they want to stop all hate with love!

The game has mainly two playable modes, Vanilla Mode and Play Hard for both single-player and multiplayer. In Vanilla Mode you follow the dance with the beat through the city, if you hit the beats more people will join your parade but if you dance out of sync people will leave you. In “Play Hard” mode you have to strategically set up your pride using a selection of pride members with a different set of skills to fend off haters while spreading love. There are currently 16 cities all over the world available, all ending with a epic dance-off against a final hater (boss) trying to stop your love spreading. Can you guess who’s the final boss in the US?



Pride Run has for now a release window for fall 2019 and will be available for PC!

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