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Project: Gorgon Entering Early Access

Back in 2012, a Kickstarter campaign was hosted for the game Project: Gorgon with estimated delivery in 2016. Needless to say, the development has been delayed slightly, but it is now finally ready to hit early access 13th of March.

Project: Gorgon is brought to you by the duo Eric Heimburg and his wife Sandra Powers, two people with over a decade of experience with MMO development and titles like Asheron’s Call, Star Trek Online and EverQuest II.

In Project: Gorgon they use a skill-based leveling system instead of the traditional classes, giving the players more freedom to personalize their characters.

“Project: Gorgon is a Fantasy MMORPG that features an immersive experience that allows the player to forge their own path through exploration and discovery. You won’t be guided through a world on rails, and as a result there are many hidden secrets awaiting discovery.”

If you have always wanted to be a part of a game from the very start of it’s history, you have the chance now! Read more about it on the official website.

Source: Press Release

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