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Rastakhan’s Rumble packs have been revealed

King Rastakhan is now accepting contenders, and Hearthstone Lead Initial Designer Peter Whalen and Hearthstone streamer RegisKillbin have volunteered by kicking off card reveals for Rastakhan’s Rumble, the upcoming Hearthstone expansion!

  • Zentimo – The Shaman Legendary minion and champion of Krag’wa’s Frogs
    The witch doctor is mysterious, quiet, and more than a little unsettling. Whenever he’s on the board, the player’s targeted spells also splash to adjacent minions.

  • High Priestess Jeklik – The Warlock Legendary minion and champion of Hir’eek’s Bats The High Priestess—quite proudly—revels in the boos she gets from the crowd as she takes to the arena. In addition to possessing Taunt and Lifesteal, she adds two copies of herself to the player’s hand if she’s discarded.  

  • Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk – The Mage Legendary minion and loa
    The great dragonhawk’s Battlecry summons Ragnaros the Firelord if the player has dealt eight damage with their Hero Power during the game. In order to accomplish this magnificent feat, players can enlist the help of Jan’alai’s accompanying Spirit, Spirit of the Dragonhawk. While on the board, this Spirit allows the player’s Hero Power to splash to adjacent minions.

Players can pre-purchase Rastakhan’s Rumble card packs in two bundles: a 17-pack Challenger’s Bundle that includes the Ready to Rumble! card back, and the 50-pack Rumble Bundle, which includes the King Rastakhan Shaman Hero in addition to the Ready to Rumble! card back. These one-time-only bundles are available starting from 19.99 € and 49.99 € respectively.

Source: Blizzard press email

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