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Roccat Kain 120 Aimo – Review

The holiday season is now over, and we have spent a lot of time testing out hardware that could be suitable upgrades for yourself. This time the peripheral I’ve tested is Roccat’s Kain 120 Kain gaming mouse.

Name: Roccat Kain 120 Aimo
Developer: Roccat
Platforms: PC
Price: Varies at the time of writing between NOK 650,- and NOK 799
Acquired: A copy of this hardware was provided by a publisher for review purpose

I’ve taken this with me everywhere I go for the past weeks, using it on my desktop as well as on my laptop for everyday use and light gaming. I would think it’s safe for me to say that this is an affordable quality we are looking at here.

The Good

Kain 120 is a simple mouse by its looks, it looks like a standard mouse when not lit by its illumination. But, when the lights come on you see a bright lighting Roccat logo and on the mouse wheel. It has the standard 4 button setup, so there is no special features hiding or something to give you a competitive edge in the physical at least. That’s where the Roccat Swarm software comes to further customize how the mouse behaves. Easy Shift + gives you the option to assign a secondary feature on each button on the mouse, which can bring the total up to 16 buttons. There are DPI settings where you can customize up to 5 different settings. Ranging from 50 to 16000 DPI, I usually only use two different settings usually to change between what types of guns I use in FPS. So instead of changing between five I only change between the two with a click on the fly. It is also possible to make the software tell you what DPI you have changed to LOUDLY.  There is also possible to change the Polling Rate and also turn on Angel Snapping, how to describe what it does I have used the good old program Paint so show. But it basically works as a way to correct your mouse movement making it more precise in straight lines. How or where it is perfect for use is up to you.


Angle Snapping

Let’s talk more about the physical, how it feels in your hand to use. It fits really good in my hand and is easy to hold a grip on. DPI buttons are placed with good spacing from the wheel, so itis hard to press on an accident. But also the rest of the buttons have a good amount of weight in them to press, so it is no problem to rest my fingers on the buttons without pressing them. Also, the clicking they make is oddly satisfying it is Roccat’s Titan Click mechanism, it’s snappy and feels great. The mouse itself is light but not too much, so fast and smooth movement is really easy. The cable is braided and seems really durable and is pretty soft.


The Bad 

I can’t say I’ve had much to complain about when it comes to my use at least. One thing I miss is a bit more texture to the mouse. It is made of mostly plastic, it’s not so slippery as I thought it would be. But it is smooth everywhere, with no rubber to further give you grip. A con with the surface it quickly gets smudges and fingerprints so it isn’t as good looking esthetics wise. I could also wish it did something to look a bit more special, it’s plain black design makes it look really anonymous. But, that is just nitpicking.

120 Kain


  • Optical Owl-Eye-sensor with up to 16000dpi
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • 50G acceleration 
  • Angle Snapping On/Off
  • ROCCAT Easy-Shift[+]
  • 512kB onboard memory
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • Compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10.
  • Height 4.30cm
    Width 6.50 cm
    Length 12.40 cm
    Weight 89g

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.


Roccat Kain 120 Aimo is a great product if you are looking for a simple but yet durable mouse for a reasonable price. It is not a fancy peripheral that takes your rig to a whole new level, but rather well-produced equipment. It may look like a simple gaming mouse, but it packs a punch by how it feels and behaves. It is a safe purchase that you won’t regret.  

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  • Affordable
  • Roccat Swarm Software
  • Feels great to use
  • Button Click


  • Plain looking
    No textures

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