Rockstar has changed Truth/Doubt/Lie for the L.A. Noire Remaster

L.A. Noire Remake

One of the weirdest quirks in the original L.A. Noire was the way Detective Phelps acted when players chose “doubt” in the “truth/doubt/lie”-options. It sort of made him look like a raging psychopath. For the remastered version, publisher Rockstar has changed those options entirely.

Evident in the new trailer for the Switch version, which comes out 14th of November, alongside the PS4 and Xbox One versions, your options during an interrogation are now “Good cop”, “Bad cop”, and “Accuse”. Rockstar has confirmed that this change applies to all versions of the remake, saying;

“The change was made so that the options more accurately reflect Phelps’ behavior when a player selects each choice”



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