Shadowbringer has been announced

Earlier today, at Square Enix’ annual Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest, the MMO’s third expansion, Shadowbringer, was announced. Among the features in the expansion are a raised level cap, new job, and an expansive story.

Players will now be able to fight the Garlean Empire, and dive back into the storyline FFXIV has to offer. As with the other expansions, it will also bring new dungeons and new areas. Thancred, one of the main NPCs from the game, features in the Shadowbringers trailer carrying a gunblade, similar to ones we’ve seen in previous Final Fantasy games.

Naoki Yoshida
Naoki Yoshida

In addition, during the fan fest, Naoki Yoshida and Koji Fox (which we interviewed at Gamescom, you can read it here), hinted towards a new playable race – Viera – the rabbit people from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

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