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Songbird Symphony

PQube and developer Joysteak announced today the upcoming release of Songbird Symphony. 

Judging from the teaser trailer the game looks absolutely adorable and it has already won the Judge’s Choice awards at GameStart 2017 and the Best Audio prixe and TpGS this year.

Songbird Symphony tells the story of an orphaned, young bird called Birb. Birb was raised by a family of peacocks  who found h9im as an abandoned egg and he is slowly starting to realise that he is slightly different from his friends and family. Polayers take controll of Birb who sets out on a self-discovery journey.


Songbird Symphony will feature:

  • An engaging adventure with Birb, a unique young bird with a love for bouncing and singing
  • Interacting with other characters which adds layers of beat to the game’s soundtrack
  • Singing in time with the music adds platforms to play which help the forest’s cast of creatures
  • Dazzling pixel based graphics that interweave delightful anumations with georgeous sceneries
  •   A big world to explore with 12 interconnected levels featuring plenty of secret, hidden areas

Songbird Symphony will be lauching on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam in the Spring of 2019

Source: Kartrige Press Release

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