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Space Beast Terror Fright – Impressions

I actually never heard about nornware AB’s Space Beast Terror Fright first-person shooter game before, until I received an email from our PR contact within mi5 communications asking if we would be interested to test it out.  We couldn’t exactly say no, just listen to the name ‘Space Beast Terror Fright’.

Livestreamed on our Twitch channel (second attempt), Two-player online gameplay

SBTF has been in development a long time, it’s actually four years ago since they released this title as an early access title on Steam, so as the late bloomers we are, what did we think of this game?

Space Beast Terror Fright 02
“It’s so bright!”

There is a lot of great features in SBTF we really enjoyed and thought “wow, this is awesome”, but there are also design flaws that really impact the gameplay negatively.
However, I do hope that many of these minor and major bugs and designs are being fixed for the initial release of this title, because there is a lot of great aspects to SBTF.

What did annoy us?
As mentioned multiple times in our SBTF streams, we frequently complained about the design around the user interface, how to navigate through main menus, options, etc. Not only was it a bit difficult to navigate through the UI, the level design, but the ligthing design also made it difficult to see the difference between enemies and environmental objects. In regard to lighting, I don’t complain about that the level designs or setting are too dark, this actually helps create a great spooky atmosphere, it’s the lighting effects of your gun that gets annoying in the long run. “The flash” of the muzzle of your gun brightens your entire PC monitor, it flashes so hard that my own dog wants to do selfies with my monitor.

But not everything was bad, was it?
The things we noticed at once was the great gunplay and character movement. It’s fast-paced and incredibly fun to play with friends who are equally afraid as yourself.

I can agree on our PR contacts description of SBTF;

“Think something like Quake/Prey/Alien on crack”

But there is one specific feature I really fell in love with, the last time I saw this was being in use was probably in SWAT 3 or Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. The ability to see your teammates perspective live!
You can see your teammates cam or perspective in your top corner or even go the nostalgic road and give it “split screen” point of view ONLINE!

I believe that SBTF got a lot of potentials to be a great co-op first-person shooter experience, especially for those hardcore ‘LAN parties’ contenders. We at Ulvespill will continue to proceed our journey in the halls of SBTF to activate turrets and data cores to finally see what happens once we manage to activate them all. It’s a fun challenge, and spooky as hell! (Yes, we scream like little girls)

Hopefully, we will return later this year (?) with a full review of this game once it finally launches.



Kim Haug
Kim Haug
Eier og daglig leder av Ulvespill Interessen min for spill er så stor at jeg bestemte meg for å starte opp egen spillnettside, why not? Har skrevet spillnyheter og anmeldelser siden 2011

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