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The new Battlefield may not be what you expected

A lot of speculation has been made about the upcoming Battlefield game that is set to be released this year. Now it seems another rumor is circulating regarding the title, as a tweet from an alleged DICE developer was posted on Reddit, which seemingly confirmed that the next entry will be Battlefield: Bad Company 3. It was noted by a few users that supposed developer’s Twitter is followed by the official Battlefield Twitter page, along with other members of the DICE team. The tweet has since been removed and the account has been made private.

Battlefield BC3 Tweet
Could this be true?

Many have believed the newest entry in the series would be Battlefield 5 and would possibly take place during WW2. There was even a potential leak which stated that the story would focus on the German side. The rumor of it being Bad Company 3 does conflict with the other rumors surrounding the next game, especially the setting. While they do differ, there is still a chance that a WW2 focused Battlefield game is in the works, with the next numbered entry still possibly being this game. The reason both could coexist is because there are multiple DICE development teams, one in LA and one in Stockholm.
As with the other rumors and leaks, no official statement was made by either EA or DICE in regards to the reports. So do take this rumour with a few pinches of salt. More information will hopefully be revealed at the EA Play event taking place at E3 2018. There is currently no official release date for the next Battlefield game, but it is set to come out some time in 2018.
Source: Reddit.

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