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The Sexy Brutale – Review


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Relive the day, to prevent the murderers.


Name: The Sexy Brutale
Released: 11th April 2017
Developer: Cavalier Game Studios
Publisher: Tequila Works
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Reviewed on: Xbox One


The Sexy Brutal is a beautiful puzzle adventure game, set in a gothic mansion full of murder mysteries to solve. And you have the ability to rewind the time to prevent them from happening.


Lafcadio Boone awakens in a mansion where guests are being murdered, and a curse forces you to live the same day over and over in a endless loop. And only him can relive the day, the game sets in motion the thriller feeling at the start of the game. An bloody girl gives you a mysterious broken watch, that gives the user the ability to rewind the time. Then you witness the first murder, where the owner of the watch is the victim. After you save him he fixes the watch, and after this the adventure begins to save the other victims and to find the source of the murders.


Launch Trailer




The game itself is set in a gothic hotel that can give you the chills, but also encourages you to investigate. You can interact with the whole room, this gives the game a fun and entertaining element. You can never be in the same room as the other people, so you have to look through key holes and hide in closets to spy on them to gather clues and information

The characters you meet and save through the game is dynamic, and builds up the game’s intention that there are more happening under the surface of the Sexy Brutal Hotel.

The game is really entertaining, you can use hours to understand the plots and what to do, and in the end you feel like Sherlock Holmes when you finally do find the solution to the murder and how to prevent it.


The puzzles can be a challenge but also fun and interesting, and everyone of them is unique. From switching out bullets for blanks or using surveillance cameras to warning them of danger. This is the kind of puzzles you will meet, and you can always rewind if you mess up. There is things to collect to give you more information, about the hotel and the people in it. To further give some backstory to it and getting us involved with it. Sometimes I would struggle to find the clues or to understand what i would be searching for with not much hints to help me. But then I just had to explore more and be more patient.

For every murder you solve, new abilities you unlock to get new clues and open new areas of the hotel.



The Sexy Hotel is a fun game, with great puzzles and a intriguing story. Beautiful environments and with characters that goes with it. A great game for people that likes puzzles and feel like a detective.




  • Great Puzzles
  • Good Story
  • Interesting Characters
  • Art Work
  • No difficulty settings
  • Some stutter in some of the areas



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