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This week at UsE #38

Week 38 consisted of Round 4 of Telialigaen, with our teams in Counter-Strike: GO and Rocket League facing tough competition against g-blingz crew and Nordavind.

rocket league

Round 4 Set-up

Ulvespill Esport

  • Major
  • Twilek
  • Willy


  • Al Dente
  • Jwols
  • Reganam

Result: UsE 0-6 Nordavind

With this result, our team is finding itself in 7th place, but with just one point from the important top 4.

Rocket League - Runde 4


In the top match between Ulvespill ESport and g-blingz crew, the latter team emerged victorious with a 2-0 win.

CS_GO - Runde 4

This means that g-blingz crew takes the lead for Division 5P. But we will be back stronger, and will not let them keep that position for long!

Rocket League - Runde 4 - Tabell


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