Time to kill some Nazi’s again!

Not only did we get a release date of last years announced Wolfenstein game, but we also got a whole new Wolfenstein title as well!

The first announcement was actually a Wolfenstein VR title; Wolfenstein Cyberpilot2019-06-10 (97)

This VR Nazi mech title will be available this July, no more information was given about this title for now. (shocker)

Wolfenstein Youngblood, however, will be released 26th of July this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. And do you know what? The entire singleplayer campaign can be played in CO-OP.

2019-06-10 (104)

Approximately two decades after the events of Wolfenstein Colossus, Paris is packed with tons of Nazis. Bring a pal with an arsenal of new weapons and upgrades, and blast them back to where they came from.

You can read more news from our E3 coverage here.



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