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Turtle Beach Is Expanding!

Turtle Beach have announced that they are getting into an agreement to acquire ROCCAT – a German PC accessory company with a history of producing innovative gaming mice, keyboards and more.

With ROCCAT’s product lineup added to Turtle Beach’s market position and headset brand, this will accelerate Turtle Beach’s planned expansion and strengthens its market position in PC-centric European territories.

The acquisition is also a key step in achieving our goal of building a $100 million PC gaming accessories business in the coming years. ROCCAT accelerates our expansion into the roughly $1.6 billion[3] PC gaming headset market, as well as directly enables us to address the roughly $1.3 billion1 PC gaming keyboard and mice market. We believe our combined product portfolio is one of the strongest in the industry, covering gaming headsets for consoles and PC’s, gaming keyboards and mice. Together we will have 48 core product models to pursue the total addressable market of over $4.7 billion in North America, Europe and Asia.

-Juergen Stark, CEO Turtle Beach


We’ve long admired how Turtle Beach’s pioneering headsets have elevated gaming and it is an honor to join forces and bring our great products to more gamers. I have no doubt that combining ROCCAT’s strength in the PC peripherals market with Turtle Beach’s 45 years of experience, impressive technology, console dominance, and strong brand will bring even more victories to gamers around the world.

-René Korte, CEO ROCCAT

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