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Assassin’s Creed: Origins @ Gamescom 2017

Hands-on impression

There was not any new Assassin’s Creed game last year, in fact the only thing that got the whole attention was the live action movie of the franchise. But did it help to have an extra year to develop a new game?




We got the chance to try out Origins in about one hour at Gamescom. Everything begins with us one raft, and I must say even though there is a lot of “sand” in this setting. It still manages to give you tons on different variable visuals and gorgeous designs.

With the time limited in hand, did I manage to play through one of the story mission and explore a tomb inside one of the huge pyramids in the desert. It might doesn’t sound much, but it should give you an idea on the size of this game as I was kind of rushing through the game to explore most of it.


We play as Bayek a member of the Egyptian military, and the mission I got to play ties Bayek into a political intrigue that has gripped Egypt. And to continue where I left off (from the raft) we were tasked with heading for Memphis to reunite with the newly unveiled Aya, our wife who serves Cleopatra. There is a small wedge between them, but that is something we have to wait for the full release to get the knowledge about. But then again meeting with our wife triggers a mission that gives us something to investigate a beleaguered bovine.


The Apis Bull, a beast every local worships seems to be poisoned. The local looks at it as a curse and starts questioning the leadership. Without spoiling too much, in this mission we got the chance of exploring Bayeks abilities to scan small areas for clues, we got to use our eagle to locate enemies and the most important thing, we got to try out the new combat system.



The new combat system might be familiar with gamers who plays games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne. One button for light attack, heavy attack, blocking, dodging,  parry and bow & arrow. It took some time to forget about how I played the previous Assassin’s Creed games when it comes to the combat sequence, and started to learn how to play the game now. The combat system alone truly proves that the developers are thinking new and wants to give the franchise a fresh look.

I must admit that Assassin’s Creed: Origins feels new and fresh, even though I’m a little sceptic on the setting when it comes to the large world of exploring. But then again, it gives an amazing visual experience and I can’t wait to see more and learn more from this story.



Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

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