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Middle Earth: Shadow of War @ Gamescom 2017

You shall not pass!

Warner Bros. Games showcased a new trailer and some new gameplay footage at Gamescom this year, including giving us a little time for ourself with the game hands-on as well.

And from what I could see during the presentation could bring out some freaking good memories from the Lord of the Rings movies or older LOTR games. An all new character was revealed, and it was not from the good side.

Balrog returns!, alongside with some other monsters as well. We actually have to fight off Balrog, and from the small combat sequence we got to see from this was epic. The design and visual gives you the feeling and effect of how large these monsters are compared with you, it’s huge.

Hands-on impression

Like I said, I got the chance to try the game a little bit at Gamescom. Even though I might be an hardcore PlayStation fan and used to those controllers from the previous Middle Earth game, but the Xbox controller had some familiar button layouts so it was easy for me to get the hang of the game again.

But boy has the game changed a bit, the nemesis system is way bigger, and the fact that the ability system and inventory/loot system has grown a bit as well gives a lot of things to look more into before actually heading into an battle.

I also got the chance to record my gameplay session (you can watch it below), but I warn you!
I’m not that good yet, so be prepared to see how the nemesis system works when you fail and die multiple times.

New screenshots

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

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