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Detroit: Become Human Gets Launch Date

Quantic Dream’s latest game Detroit: Become Human has gotten an official launch date. In a blog post on Playstation US’ website the game’s director David Cage announced the release on the 25th of May.

Image from Cage’s blog post

Detroit: Become Human was first announced  in October of 2015 at the Paris Games Week promising to be the studio’s most complex and ambitious project yet. It will tell a story about sentient androids in a near future Detroit and their struggle in the face of taught human/android relations.

The marketing of Detroit: Become Human has faced some criticism for its depictions of revolt, race and violence. In particular the decision to set a game about discrimination against androids in Detroit – a city well known for its class and race boundaries has been contentious. In later demos there have been questions about depictions of domestic violence and according to PlayStation Magazine UK (No. 139) at least two scenes were removed over their portrayal of violence. After the recent allegations of “toxic studio culture” at Quantic Dream makes their ability to tackle difficult topics even more questionable.

Detroit: Become Human will release exclusively on Playstation 4.


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