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Hack The Planet is on Kickstarter

Hack the Planet – a tabletop role-playing game about technology and climate – has launched on Kickstarter. Written by Kyle Simons with art by Fabio Comin the game is set to be finished in January of 2019.

I am a sucker for tabletop role-playing games. I am also a sucker for cyberpunk worlds and climate protection. Naturally, this is a game that has caught my eye. Hack the Planet promises to let players fight against the omnipresent mega-corporations of its world and I am all for that as well.

Hack the Planet will be “forged in the dark” which means its rules are based on John Harper’s game Blades in the Dark – a Dishonored-esque game about criminal lowlifes in a mystical Victorian era world. Kyle Simons is previously known for the indie TTRPG The Veil which is also set in a near future dystopia, but with a focus on emotional struggle.

If you are into tabletop games, role-playing, climate activism or cyberpunk looks I definitely recommend checking out this kickstarter. (Which at time of writing is already about 80% funded)

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